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Project Phases in Architecture

In an architecture project the design process is typically divided into 5 phases. These are:

  1. Schematic Design
  2. Design Development
  3. Construction Drawings
  4. Bidding and Negotiation
  5. Construction Administration


 Schematic Design

During  the Schematic Design phase the owner and architect meet/ communicate to determine the overall scope of the project.  This meeting will help outline the goals, vision, and requirements of the project.

Also, during this phase the architect will develop initial drawings or documents for the owner’s review that illustrate the overall concept of the design for the project.  This phase is also when zoning or initial code research is started.  This helps identify what can or cannot can be done per city or county requirements.

At the end of this phase the owner is presented with initial drawings, such as a site plan, a floor plan, an elevation, and any other materials that help give the owner an overall idea of the direction of the project, and any requirements that may affect the project.

Upon agreement, the project then move into Design Development.


Design Development

To be continued…